Accepted Papers and Abstracts

Accepted Papers

  • Annotating shadows, highlights and faces: the contribution of a ‘human in the loop’ for digital art history. Maarten Wijntjes [PDF]
  • Classifying digitized art type and time period. Sean Yang, Boom Mook Oh, Daniel Merchant, Bill Howe and Jevin West [PDF]
  • Showing Context and Relationships in Museum Collections using Formal Concept Analysis. Peter Eklund and Tim Wray [PDF]
  • Visual analytics of Hebrew manuscripts codicological metadata. Tiago Pateiro, Debora Marques de Matos and Elsa Cardoso [PDF]
  • WebGIS-based Application for Compering Rakuchū rakugai-zu Folding Screens. Keiji Yano, Masaru Tsuchida, Satoshi Imamura and Masanori Yamaji [PDF]


Accepted Abstracts

  • Deep feature extraction based on an L2-constrained combination of center and softmax loss functions for ukiyo-e image recommendation. Lilang Xiong, Zhenao Wei, Wenwen Ouyang, Yulin Cai, Ruck Thawonmas, Tomohiro Harada, Keiko Suzuki and Masaaki Kidachi [PDF]
  • Chromatic Structure and Family Resemblance in Large Art Collections — Exemplary Quantification and Visualizations. Loan Tran, Maximilian Schich, Jevin West and Poshen Lee [PDF]
  • Building the arguments around the productions of Katsushika Hokusai’s single sheet impressions. Dominic Oldman, Stephanie Santschi and Diana Tanase [Abstract]
  • Measuring relevance in art exhibition ecosystems: discussion and critical inquiry through a case study. Nuria Rodríguez Ortega, Juan-Luis Suárez and Daniel Varona [PDF]